Postgres Preference Pane macOS

Postgres Preference Pane macOS

I think I’ve never developed any Xojo App w/o database access, and Postgres is my favourite.

Usually, I use an SSH connection to a Linux server to use a Postgres DB on a remote server, as I have described in this article:

But of course, I’m running as well a Postgres instance locally on my mac. (compared to the past, installing Postgres on macOS is relatively straightforward today:

I’m usually not a big fan of macOS preference pane extensions, as I have seen many breaking my system in the past. But for six months now, I have been testing the below and free solution intensively, and I can recommend it.

Of course, you can make all these changes in the terminal. But for a quick toggling of the power state of your local Postgres instance, this tool is very convenient and helpful.