Opensource Xojo Web 2 plugins

Opensource Xojo Web 2 plugins

I have written several Xojo Web 2 plugins over the 18 months, which I hereby release for free use. Anyone can do whatever they want with it, but I won’t give any support as I’m not currently using Xojo and don’t have the time.

The javascript/typescript code works but is sometimes very bad. At that time, the priority for me was to get plugins running. An example: I concatenate strings with “+”, nowadays you would use `${var1} ${var2} ${var3}`. The code is not even pretty printed.

However, since it seems that many still see it as a challenge to create WebPlugins themselves, the projects may help to provide ideas on how the WebSDK works and to implement better plugins themselves. Especially since Xojo has not yet expanded the WebSDK significantly and has not published any new examples.

I’ve moved away from Xojo Web 2 by working with TypeScript and now only develop directly with TypeScript. But that’s my decision and for many use cases, Xojo Web 2 may still be the faster, easier way. But since I don’t have a current license at the moment, it would be nonsensical to promise support. Overall, the plugins were downloaded about 25–40x per plugin in one year only, so the interest is marginal anyway.

I encourage everyone once again to understand the plugins only as an example to better understand the WebSDK documentation if necessary.

One disclaimer: Please be aware that we reserved the namespace ‘tecc’ with According to the web SDK documentation, everyone should reserve their namespace with Xojo! Please change ‘tecc’ to your namespace to avoid that one plugin might cause challenges with other plugin writers. You have been warned! ;-).







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