Mingo.io, alternative admin GUI / IDE for mongoDB

Mingo.io, alternative admin GUI / IDE for mongoDB

MongoDB is a fantastic NoSQL database. The company offers its own IDE “Compass”, which is very good, but not necessarily clear and also lacks some professional features of other programs.

There are numerous GUIs that either support MongoDB or (mostly) specialize exclusively in MongoDB, e.g. Robo3T (formerly known as Robomongo), Studio 3T, NoSQLBooster, JetBrains DataGrip, etc.

Of all the tools on the market that go beyond free basic functionalities, Studio3T is still the best tool at the moment. However, this also has its price, above all it is a subscription model. This means that despite the very high price, the software can no longer be used once a subscription has expired.

But there is a new, very promising star in the sky: mingo.io. The tool covers a large number of functionalities, some of which are not available in many other GUIs, such as synchronization, data relations, inline edits, etc.

Above all, the tool is also actively being developed, with very fast response times on https://github.com/mingo-app/mingo/releases.

For anyone serious about working with MongoDB, Mingo can be a welcome alternative and I recommend taking a closer look at the tool.

Their pricing (https://mingo.io/pricing) is quite fair too, if you, like me, are depending on a robust tool to manage your databases.

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