How To Delete My ChatGPT Account?

How To Delete My ChatGPT Account?

Many are currently testing chatGPT / openAI. Apart from the fact that it will foreseeably become a payment service and you only have a small credit after registering, you are asked for your mobile phone number when you register. This is quite common, but I think it makes sense to delete accounts with personal data if you will foreseeably no longer use them. At least data cleansing is a good practice.

I was all the more surprised that I did not find a point in the settings to easily delete my account. This only works via the help function and a chat with a bot and within 1–2 weeks you’ll get your account deleted.

Please find below the necessary steps you have to undergo:

First click “Help” & “Send us a message”

Now click “Account deletion” on the bottom

Confirm that you want to delete your account

They are picky, re-confirm your intention to delete

Done! Now, wait 1–2 weeks, so that OpenAI has the time to work with all the data you gave them ;-)