pecuniator - a tool for x-ray

pecuniator - a tool for x-ray is a leading, innovative platform for analyzing your investment portfolios. It's primarily designed for the German-speaking market, but plans for international expansion mean the app is available in English.

The platform introduces "Parqet X-Ray," an innovative feature that allows you to deeply analyze your investments. For instance, you can see which stocks are part of different financial products. For efficiency, the top 100 stocks are evaluated, but you have the option to download the full list as a CSV file.

This is where "pecuniator" becomes useful. With this tool, you can easily import and analyze the exported CSV file. The original data, along with the filters (in a separate tab), can be converted to an xslx format.

The app's search feature is quick, allowing you to filter evaluations by country and region. It's useful to see all investments, even those with very small values that might not impact a portfolio significantly.

This tool is not meant to compete with but to complement it. It aims to add value to the exported parqet X-Ray file easily, especially for users unfamiliar with CSV files or who struggle to convert them smoothly into a spreadsheet format.

More information are available on the application's webpage.